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...What do you make of Marilyn's dialogue?...

I'm convinced. I'm helpless.

I do agree with you!
But still, some wear wigs, don't they?
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Do you wear glasses?

If not, why don't you get neutral ones? Emotion: geeked

Or even (h) ?
...MrPedandic, do you wear glasses?...

You talkin' to me?

You talkin' to me? (h)


(damn, can't see a thing in these...)

Oh, MrPedantic,
I'm So sorry for the typo!
(do you have a wig too?) Emotion: tongue tied
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As it happens, I'm looking for one right now.

Ideally, it would be pink, fluffy, and still quite warm.

I wouldn't want to pay too much for it, though. No more than 21s.

Any idea where I could get one?

yes it is a common believe that glasses make a person look intelegent, but this a society myth and sterotype which is encouraged through media.the fact is that its all in the head. there's plenty of ppl that may look attractive, intellegent in glasses but are in fact dead shits, and there are those that don't wear glasses are extremely inteligent suprisingly more so than those with glasses. so i think for glasses people to be "past off" just shows that that person is self absorbed with themeselves and sure there are very pretty girls who will be attracted to men in glasses whether your smart or average [in intellegence] but i think it helps that you are fine-looking, visually appealing.
Why do you say that wearing glasses are for nerds? I've met lots of nerdy people that don't wear glasses.
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hmmmmm......you do have a point.Emotion: rolleyes
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