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AnonymousWhy do you say that wearing glasses are for nerds? I've met lots of nerdy people that don't wear glasses.
But did they keep bumping into things, Anon?

Emotion: big smile Do you wear glasses MrP?
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No, but I wear out glasses. (It's the constant friction from the descending torrent of Scotch.)

Interesting! A scotch connoisseur!
Well, partly Scotch...and partly some other things...
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I do.....I reeeeally get atracted to men in glasses.

I dont know why.....

maybe it has to do whit that I like a littel bit of nerdy, intellectual and shy guys how bury there life mostly in sch-fi books and peculiar music??? I don't know.....cas glasses don't prove that they are like that.....so that makes no sense at all.

Hmmm.....well well.....it looks really sexy anyhow.
Cf. Sugar Kane, in "Some Like It Hot":

I want mine to wear glasses...Men who wear glasses are so much more gentle, and sweet, and helpless. Haven't you ever noticed it?..They get those weak eyes from reading - you know, those long tiny little columns in the Wall Street Journal.
(Can't see it myself.)

Hmmm.......... a Marilyn Monroe fan, Mr.P?
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Well, if someone wants to wear glasses to look intelligent, it seems he admires people who wear glasses and are intelligent. I think, however it might be untrue, that people who are like that (wearing glasses, but have good eyesight) are always a bit intelligent. Otherwise you would just thing 'weeh! Stupid nerdy people'.
A teacher of mine once said: "The person who is your hero has the kind of personality of ability you want to have. But the thing you don't know is that you actually have it, otherwise you wouldn't be interested in making it better." I don't think it works in all chases, but it might be a bit true.
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