Well, glasses do make a person look intellectual, maybe sensuous too?
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8-l of course! nerdy men do look good, don't they?
Do you mean do they need (magnifying?) glasses to make passes at men?
My answer is no.
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Lol, Pieanne!
But yes, I do find men with glasses very attractive... (except if they wear them because they have screwed eyes). Make them look kinda intellectual, and short-sighted men have sooo beautiful eyes... misty...
And I see it as the last thing they have to take off before being stark naked. Enticing!
Hi Pieanne! Maybe I should re-phrase the question - Do women make passes at men wearing glasses? It sounds better.

I liked your idea of looking at them through magnifying glassesEmotion: big smile
I think Pieanne was joking, Benita! Emotion: wink
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Of course! Emotion: smile
Difficult, difficult if you are wearing a pullover! lol
So, never make passes at a bespectacled man wearing a pullover.
Maybe you can agree on a rain-check in the summer?
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