I'd like some comments on this sentence.
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I think I don't believe in fate. I'll control what I can control and the rest......
I don't like the idea of fate; it disturbs me tremendously. So most of the time, I'll tell you that I don't believe in it, but I don't have any real reason for this opinion — I choose it only because it's nice and cushy. A further question: is it wrong to believe things simply because you must in order to make any sort of attempt at happiness?
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Fate or Destiny, is it the same thing?
I believe that certain things are supposed to happen in our lives. Maybe only one or two or even ten things (I'm only guessing, I really have no idea just how many) are 'meant' to happen. The rest of your life is for you to choose as you will. If I want to sit on THAT chair, it has nothing to do with fate or destiny. If you want to eat chocolate ice-cream instead of strawberry, again it's not fate or destiny, it is just something that you felt like at the time. Only certain events are supposed to happen, usually things to learn from. When you start straying from those events (or the path), things tend to happen to push you back in that direction again.
There have been at least three concrete moments in my time where are am 100% certain that fate was pushing me in the direction that I'm supposed to be even though I didn't want to go that way. Though now I still don't know where I'm going!
I'm not saying that our entire life is preordained, not even a small part is. Only specific moments.
I agree with you when you say that certain events are supposed to happen and it doesn't matter whatever you do you are pushed back in that direction again. It took me ages to understand that but now I let myself go with the flow which is quite relaxing and fun. The same happens with certain people you meet on your way.
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I don't really believe that. I see no reason to believe that. I don't like it and I don't see any proof for it, so there's no reason for me to get cosy with the idea.
My guess is you change your future daily (didn't anybody here see Back To The Future, shameful) Seriously, I do believe it's not written yet. If it was, it would be so damn pointless..
[If it WERE! ***]
Yeah, I tend to look at it that way too. Determinism scares me, because, well, I already think that life is fairly meaningless, but if it's all ordained, jeez, we might as well kill ourselves already, since there's absolutely no reason for our personal existence. Except that that would be ordained too. Ick. This kind of thinking really terrifies me.
Back to the Future was fun. Or were fun, all of them.
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