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One more doubt,

Which one is right ?:

"Do you know who i am ?" or "Do you know who am i ?"

i think after these -"do you know .."- in these type of sentences the verb must be placed after the subject(?)

Thank You!
Yes you are right.

You would say 'who am I?' but you need to say 'Do you know who I am?'

Other examples:

Where is the pig? Do you know where the pig is?

What is her name? Do you know what her name is?

Which is the open door? Do you know which door is open?

Why are you tired? Do you know why you are tired?
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Its a great help. Actually one of my friend is wrong about it. Now i am going to ask him to visit this post.

Thank you!
In google there are 79,500,000 results for "do you know what is his name?"
and 29,800,000 results for "do you know what his name is".

But in reality, the second sentence ("do you know what his name is".) version is true.



Indirect questions are formed of two parts: a polite expression, and a question which has no subject/verb inversion like a normal question . For example:
- What's his name? >>
- Do you know what his name is? - Indirect question
Here the polite expression is "Do you know...", and the question part is "...what his name is?". Note that the subject and verb have not changed place in the question part. So if you said "Do you know what is his name?", this would be incorrect.

Another example:
- What's the time? >>
- Do you have any idea what the time is? - Indirect question
The polite expression is "Do you have any idea...?", and the question is "...what the time is?".
The question is not "...what is the time?" - you don't invert the subject and verb kike a normal question.
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That is not correct.


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