do you think doctor is a good profession? I have known that many people want to be a doctor in hospital. they think that it will bing them a lot of money. but actually income of doctors is not much. I am a medical student. I don't like medicine. because I think working in hospital does not pay me well. especally when you graduate and begin to work, your income is much lower than people in other professions in several years. and more to work in hospital is very hard. as a young man, I want to earn enough money to pay my comfortable life. but It is impossible for a young doctor. being a doctor, you can have a lot of money when you are old enough . but is it still attractive , when i'm old? many people around me have the same opinion with me. I want to konw whether it is the same in other countries around the world(i am from china). frome the american movies, doctors in this country are rich and respecting. why do their income are so high? doctors in european are the same?
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The average wage for a consultant in the National Health Service at the moment is, I believe, £137,000 a year - and this figure is tiny in comparison with the money a consultant can earn privately in the UK. It's more than the Prime Minister earns (technically). I don't know how old you are, but as a medical student you must be in your early twenties. Some of the consultants in the hospitals I work in are only in their early forties. Of course it's hard work as a junior doctor - but it's for a relatively short time, and it's certainly not as hard work as some other jobs. If your profession isn't valued in China, perhaps you may have the opportunity to work elsewhere in the world once you qualify.
"this figure is tiny in comparison with the money a consultant can earn privately in the UK." do you mean they open private cliniques to earn money? if not, they have other ways to earn money? are there many students want to study medicine in your country? I'm very curious about this.
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Yes it is very competitive to get into medical school. However it is not all easy after that. They then have to compete for further specialist training and there are more trainee doctors than there are posts for them. Doctors are generally very well respected though.
Hello Kekes, every profession is a good profession if you like to do it! My dad is a doctor in medicine (while I'm a doctor in algae). For sure he has a better salary than mine even if he doesn't work at the hospital, in fact he is a general practitioner, a 'family doctor', not a professional man.
Anyway it seems to me that saying 'I want to be a doctor because I want to become rich' is a very sad thing; in fact my father wanted to become a doc because he wanted to save lives, to treat the ill people and comfort them and also because his father was a doctor too and he wanted to follow his steps..he has never cared about money!
Besides I see that his job is very hard and he suffers a lot when someone of his patients dies because of a heavy disease. So since you say 'I don't like medicine', in my opinion you had better find another thing to study, because you must love medicine as my dad loves it and do not think of money!
My sibling is a doc. and has already passed all the exams he needs to be a specialist in his field.

I don't know if saving lives was his original motivation; my parents were blue-collar workers and "encouraging" one of their kids to choose a prestigious profession was their only form of upward mobility. That said, I have to say my sibling is great at what he does. But I think he's the well-rounded sort who can excel in just about anything.
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thank you, Francesca. I will to save people's lives and work hard. the university I study in is the NO. 2 in china. only the best students can be admitted. students graduating from other majors will become rich in 2 or 3 years. but for medical students, the road to rich is very long. hard work but low paid. that is not fair. so I think salaries of doctors in china should be elevated. actually medicine is very interesting except for low salary. maybe I should persuade myself reading to be a poor.Emotion: smile
nice to meet you,julielai.

do you live in shanghai? you adimir your sibling very much. I also want to be a doctors without thinking about money. but it can not be relistical. which hospital he is now?

maybe we are in the same hospital.Emotion: smile
I am not from Shanghai.

Nice to meet you too. :-)
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