Hi Guys,
These are Stanley's famous words on finding the missing Dr. Livingstone.

Here's the puzzle. It's not invented by me, it was an entry that I liked in a newspaper humour competition here.

If the answer is 'DR. LIVINGSTONE I PRESUME',
then what is the question?

Best wishes,
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A further hint:
I gave you the answer and asked you what the question would be. For purists, the answer I gave you sounds slightly more accurate when spoken than when written.
You're right Pieanne. I'll have to think of another one.
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Who has eaten the fluffy guinea pig?
1. Who's eaten all the cheese?

2. Who forgot to put the toilet seat down?

3. Who should have been helping the natives and not playing billiards?

.. the list goes on
Clive, give us the answer, please. I don't think anyone will guess it.
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"Who's that man in the cauldron?"
Hi guys,
I guess it's time to give the answer.

Here's the puzzle again:
If the answer is 'DR. LIVINGSTONE I PRESUME',
then what is the question?

OK, the question is >>>>>>>>>>>>





'Dr. Presume, what is your full name, please?'

Well, I thought it was funny and clever when I read it, I hope that you do, too.
Well I read through all the 'questions' but frankly the real answer was a surprise!

pieanne's question was very funny - "Who's that man in the cauldron?"
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