Hi Guys,
These are Stanley's famous words on finding the missing Dr. Livingstone.

Here's the puzzle. It's not invented by me, it was an entry that I liked in a newspaper humour competition here.

If the answer is 'DR. LIVINGSTONE I PRESUME',
then what is the question?

Best wishes,
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A hint please?
"I'm an idiot?"

Hope that is right.

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Who's Stanley?
For background on who Stanley and Livingstone were, please refer to the thread 'Doctor Livingstone, I presume?' in the General English Grammar Forum.

Hint: It's a funny answer, not a serious one (Well, I think so)

Further hint: the 'joke' involves names.
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Would the question be:
Whose mangled body are those hungry lions eating?

In which case the guy who answers 'DR. LIVINGSTONE I PRESUME' was not the doctor but one of his groupies who just happened to be able run faster than the rest.

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I thought it had something to do with the name of "Livingstone". But I've played and played with the name and still can't come up with anything. I'm "riddle-challenged". [:^)]
In that case, Woodward, shouldn't it be "Dr Livingstone'S I presume"?
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