Hey guys.I am watching an american tele-play named Stargate Atlantis.It is a fantasic science fiction TV show.But i I am curious about the city of Atlantis appeared in that story.

Encyclopedia says:Atlantis was a legendary ancient culture and island, whose existence and location have never been confirmed. It was originally mentioned by the classical Greek philosopher Plato, who said that it was destroyed by a natural disaster (possibly an earthquake or tsunami) about 9,000 years before his own time.

So does the Atlantis or even many other ancient civilizations really exist? Or it is just someone's imagination?
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Your question is a bit broad because ancient civilizations such as Ancient Rome and Greece did exist . There are concrete and factual proof on their anthropologic findings such as written records and artifacts of that era. I take it that you mean ancient mythological civilization correct? This topic can be debated because there are some evidence of islands that sunk to the bottom of the ocean many centuries ago. I believe in Crete which is part of Greece, the Aegean Sea(?) or body of water that surround that island has many artifacts embedded at the bottom of the water, but the govt. prohibits anyone from removing the artifacts or recording it on film from there. It's been a while since I heard this, but the laws may have changed. I'm hoping to visit there next year with my family though. There are so many theories. I even heard one about Atlantis being in the Bermuda Triangle. My friend is a professor he showed me something intriguing recently but I forget the link. I'll post it up when I ask get the link from him. But it is a great topic. I wish I could have written more, but the weather here is turning my brain to mush.
I thought I had heard that Atlantis was discovered further south and to the west but I could have misunderstood the location. But if you get the link, please post it. Thanks
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Yes i believe that during the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius, scientist believe, that an island near Herculainum sank into the Aegean Sea.
The proof of ancient civilization is complete obvious from the pyramids to the aqueducts to the colleseum ancient civilization is in no way refutable
I think this site is really good.. It goes into a lot of detail but the thing that shocked me the most were the incidents involving the Bermuda Triangle... I have always thougt that it was some form of wormhole and i kinda believe that maybe the ancient (real ancient) Egyptians may not have been human...

I am fascinated by Atlantis though.. If it DID exist then I would be so so happy because it amazes me...

Here is a link to that site I mentioned above... I recommend it because it makes you wonder and it gave me goosebumps because it gives strong belief in this lost civilisation...

[url="http://www.greatdreams.com/bermuda.htm "][/url]
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Your theory that Egyptians may not have been human is a bunch of poo.
Well it's only a theory, nothing more... And i'm not the one that came up with it..
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