I am doing the English exercises for preparing IELTS. There is the exercise to present an argument of this issue:A government’s main priority is to provide education for its people.

A government’s main priority is to provide education for its people.
It is often said that education is the key to success, and I cannot disagree with this. A government might have a lot of duties to do, but education is one of the main priorities a government has to provide.
First of all, many people of all ages have no education. And everyone knows that if you do not have education, you will not have important knowledge to work. You will have a lesser opportunity to be employed. You will have no money when you are unemployed and after that you will probably get many problems in your life both mentally and physically. So education is the necessary thing that people should have. Government can make this group of people has a better life just by provide education.
Secondly, education is one of the answers of the question: ‘what makes the country prosperous.’ All roads and buildings around us are not only made from bricks and stones, but also made from highly educated brains of people. On the one hand, the progress of science and technology is relevant to a good education system. Good education system is not to give people only knowledge, but also includes imagination, passion, and moral to people.
Therefore, education is truly government’s main priority. Government should provide education to its people of all ages and levels. Furthermore, Government should construct the education system which makes its people be full of imagination, passionate about learning things, and knows what is good or bad.
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