Does time exist or is there only a NOW? (A philosophical question for anyone game enough)
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How dependent are you on time?
Are you always on time?
Is time a human invention to try and put things that we don't understand into catergories?
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Ugh. I hate time.
I'll answer this later. But tonight I don't want to think about time. It's a depressing subject.
Ah no, ah no! This time I won't fall into the trap you set Questionerwoodward!
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(Two minutes later)
I fell. I am good at changing my mind, no problem.
I have the key to deal with time, first, get rid of your watch, then, think of rythem, the order in time, no in time.
Woodward if we answer can you draw a Rolex among us? For those for whom time is PRECIOUS.
1. I'll pull a Descartes and say that we have no way of knowing whether or not time exists, technically. We just believe in it on faith. But denying its existence is not terribly useful, since whether or not it exists, that is how things seem to us. Therefore we must act as if time existed, because we have absolutely nothing else to go on, and, well, you have to live, you know?
Besides, your question is a little silly. The concept of "now" does not exist if time does not exist. So in your very question, you are assuming that time exists, no?
2. What do you mean by your second question? Can you restate it?
3. I am almost never on time. I refuse to carry a watch, since the things annoy me. I like to think about time as little as possible, and try, whenever I can, to do things until they are finished, not force myself to keep a strict schedule. But this doesn't work so well when I have to coordinate with other people. So they yell at me for being late. And then I feel guilty. Oops.
4. Again, elaborate on this one. I'm not quite sure what you mean, though it looks like it might be a very good question.
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Kitkatail - I agree with your first answer, it is pure faith. God is similar to time. Some try to prove God by showing you the bible or Koran and pointing out miracles. You can try to prove time by showing a watch, pointing at the Sunset and Sunrise, but how can you really prove that it exists? We all believe or are conditioned to believe what others have told us or use.
The problem is, everyone uses it, so it is a part of our human existence.

I mention is there only a 'now' since in many self help books they mention only living in the present but sometimes they say there is only a NOW. The future doesn't exist, it is only a concept, it just happens that in this 'now', things are constantly changing. I don't remember exactly where I read it.

Time DOES exist since we are talking about it now. By mainly it is humans that are the only ones worried about time. Do you think animals are worried about time? There are cycles, mating seasons and the like, but is that only instinct, a natural process? Do you think the dinosaurs were worried about or used Time?
When you have time, you have time to think. That's something that lots of people are not used to doing, haven't done much recently or fear to do. It is not surprising, then, that after having a serious accident some people may change their way of thinking or even may make radical changes in their lives. I would say that some people busy themselves to boredom so as not have one minute in their lives free. They wouldn't know what to do with that minute. What's even worse, they wouldn't have enough time to plan something out so they would spend the other half minute agonising for not finding what to do with their free time. As a woman, I am probably exaggerating a bit but the way we live has led us to not to spend any time thinking. But the worst part comes when some people seem to be proud of being too busy. For some reason, it makes them feel important.
Woodward: Well, it's really hard to say about the animals. Never having been a molerat or cockatoo, I couldn't tell you for sure. They say some animals -- dolphins, for instance -- are much more intelligent than we give them credit for, so who knows, maybe they have a concept of time too.
And sure, the dinosaurs used time. Every living thing, as far as we know, usestime, yes? They can't help it. The things they do take time; therefore they are using it, whether consciously or not. (I know that's probably not what you meant, but hey, I am pedantic and enjoy twisting people's words.Emotion: wink)
As far as I know, the idea of dividing time into distinctly measurable bits is a human thing, though. It's one of those inventions that is either a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it.
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