Hi, guys... I have a quick question.

Let's say my friends and me had a great time hanging out together last week and now I want to write a brief informal summary of the gathering (such as who came to the party, what we did, how much we spent and so on) and put it up on my blog. So I named the title of the post as "gathering report." But it occurred to me, a non-native speaker of english that 'gathering report' sounds abit formal and I want something informal. Do you have any other word for this? Or is just 'gathering report' good enough?

Some people in my country use "afternote" for this occasion. But it doesn't sound right to me.

How does it sound to you?

Always thanks for you guys's prompt answers and comments.
How about "Party Report" or "Notes about the Party"?
It doesn't sound right to me. I wouldn't know what you meant. I like khoff's suggestions.
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Like I mentioned above, some people in my country use "afternote" for this occasion. But I don't think the term can be used in this context. Am I wrong on this? What do you think?
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I guess I didn't explain well enough. Sorry about that.

Let me elaborate a little more.

As far as I know, people usually use the term "afternote" when they had to add something later to their original post. For example,

... The event will be held ...

[Afternote: The event went great with a total of 93 ... ]

Right? The thing is, many people in my country like to share with online users the events, tours, or gatherings they recently took part in. So they write a blog and post it on the web.

some people (non-native speaker of english, of course) who want to practice their english use "afternote" as a title of their blog post. So the titles go like "afternote of July 21st gathering", "tour afternote: ABC Resort" or "afternote from James".

The titles didn't look OK to me so I asked the above question. What do you think? What would you change the title to if it is needed?

BTW, the reason they use "afternote" as a title is some online dictionaries translate the term "afternote" as a note(summary) you write after an certain event or experience.
Follow-up Report?

I can't say either Afternote or Gathering Report sounds good to me.