Hi all,

For the recent past days i often was thinking about the existance of GHOST. I have heared a lot of GHOST real(they say so but i dont know) stories. Do GHOST really exhist or it is just a imagination of humans. Give ur opinion. Post also ur fearfull experiences.

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I don't believe in ghosts. I think some people just have an over-active imagination.
I think that ghosts don't exist, but jinns do. Ghosts are from the imaginations of parents who tell their childern scary stories.

Have a nice day
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No, I think they do not exist.. I think the concept of ghosts is strange and meaningless.

ps: Shouldn't this thread be under the "topic of the moment"? Emotion: smile

Cheers,,, ~Deniz~
I don't know if they exist because I have never seen/met any.
I haven't seen ghosts,like many other people.But I prefer their existance,though there's almost no evidence to prove.I think ghost is the soul after one's deviant death.If they exist, someone who has done bad things would be punished by ghosts. Without having done some things I suppose we do not need to know the ghosts.
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I think they do. I know I have no proves but I think they exist.Emotion: smile
i think ghosts do exist. the r all around us 95% r good but the left 5% r bad . once i saw a lady in white clothes alone in a are where deaths are common
Nobody can say for sure that they don't exist, so I think they do.
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