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I'd like to fill more information about Noah's Ark. The remainder of Noah's Ark was found at the bottom of Dark(Black) Ocean. Although it is still a guess. But it proves that Noah's Ark ever existed. Sorry I can't give you the website about the founding of Noah's Ark because the website that I know is in Indonesian, not English. I live in Indonesia and I know this from other forum. Sorry too about my English. I am a newbie. ^^

About Jesus, I only want to say that if we are believers of Jesus Christ, we can feel that the presence of Jesus is very real. We feel peace and joy. Many miracles have been done by Him too. All of these can prove that He is Alive. By the Way, Faith is believe what we don't see.
NewbornbabyboyYes I have no problem in believing that Jesus did exist. I dont really have a reason because this is something you have blind faith with.[A]

I believe that Jesus did exist and that He is divine. I agree with Newbornbabyboy. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
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A species (humans in this case) develop the ability to think for themselves and have a conscience. They have to try to come to terms with the knowledge that death is inevitable, unavoidable, and in many cases deeply unpleasant. It frightens them. To get them through it, they develop the idea that there is something after death, and a being to oversee it, even though there is no reason for such a thing to be true, and no evidence for it. From this comforting thought, religion is born, and then duly distorted by those who seek to use it to control others. Ultimately, they write a book to help make people tow the line.

I'd be willing to bet any one of you as much as they like that if a race of sentient beings develops from snails, they'll eventually invent some version of religion by exactly the same method.

I'd say even a priest could see the logic in that.
Yeah, there is an evidence for life after death, anonymous. There are many people that come back from the death. All of them said they had been taken to Hell and Heaven. Anyway, if you believe in Jesus as a Son of God, we can be sure that there is life after death because He said so.

I am rather confused too about names in the Bible, how could names be changed when they are in different countries? My name is Chandra. Even if I go to Mexico,Egypt or somewhere else in this world, My name is still Chandra. I don't understand why bible converted the names in it.
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Exactly, you can't translate names, which is why most of the bibles published are really screwed up. Names like Yehshua and Mosheh, were changed to Moses and Joshua in order to sound more masculine in the early english translations, and now, as everybody accepts and knows these names, the new translations use these names also... but not all.

I've found one bible published by the institute for scripture research that restores all the names. It's the only one I've found so far though.
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To be honest, I'm not religious at all. Really! So do my parents. Probably that's why.
I wonder, if there is a god, why is there so much misery in the world? Why so much injustice? Aren't the Israelis chosen by god? Well, those guys can't be chosen by od, if god actually existed. Or did god loose control? the powerful god lost control or what?
Why doesn't god do something agaisnt injustice?

Well, in my opinion, there is nothing like god. Maybe a guy called Jesus existed. Who knows. Many people existed.
It's ridiculous. We have a book called the bible that was written by some guys. Probably they were writing some stories! Now, people believe in somehing like god and pray.
Some even say he sawe him. Well proove it first before thinking something like that exists. Why do people believe in god? Because their parents did. Fortnately, there is a tendency to not believing in god anymore. So in the future there will be fewer people who believe in god. People are babtized. Many friends of mine are. But they don't believe in god. So their children wont either. This will go on, until religious people are actually a minority and so people begin to think less of religion or go to war becuase of their religion or let religion control their life.

Yeah, thats my opinion. This is not to offend any religious people. Its just my opinion. god doesnt eist and the only reason people believe in god is that their parents did and told them do believe in god. They have never seen a proove. hey just follow other people.
Religious people dont wonder if why their is misery. or why Israel kills the Palastinens. They dont wonder why god allows so much misery.

So, all in all, I dont believe in it without a proove !

Hi. This is my opinion about misery.... God allows problems and misery to test us. And then sometimes he allows misery to happen because we just won't listen to Him. It's like He's saying "Ok you won't listen to me, then have it your way." I hope I made sense.
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Hi all,

What a debate! Anyway, Globetrotter, though I do not consider myself to be religious (I just believe in God, and I think that all of the religions are trying to help their followers to believe in the same God, just their methods are different; unfortunately though, this religion variation has claimed lots of lives!), but there is another reason why some people believe in God beside that one you mentioned, their parents. To some people, yes, that's true. But it wasn't why religions came to existence in the first place. Human being started to associate phenomen that he could not explain to someone divine, beyond material, ... who are/is in the control of everything. That would help them to get through disasters, miseries, ... and gave them hope. And it still does even to many who do not call themselves religous.

And you ask why God creates all the disasters to happen if he really is in control of everything. Certainly God doesn't want me to kill another person, or a country attack its neighbour, or an earthquake take a huge toll. Actually, God has created everything with the choice, even the nature. Why don't you think that God asks Adam and Eve not to eat from the fruit of the apple tree, according to the Bible, or Wheat in Quran? If they were said nothing, they were not curious, and there was no decision to take. And God gave them the choice. Even now, He has given us the choice to do good or bad. It is up to us, not God, that which one we choose. If it weren't so, what would be the difference between human and angel? And would the good work be appreciated or valued? These are things to think about. And there are some branches of some religions that have something to say regarding this issue. For example, in Islam, there is a branch of Shiiate faith that believe that God created everything with the good and bad possibilities from the beginning, and then He does not interfere with them, and it is up to them to choose which. Then some other scholars criticized the role of God, in this theory it seems that God does not have any role after the creation; their answer to the question is that we cannot figure out everything with our reasonable thinking, the things that cannot be explained have to be left to faith, they are beyond our reasonning or knowledge. I'm sure that there are some branches in Christianity too that try to explain this problem. But the main problem is whether God exists, then we can talk about faith. I'll continue the discussion in another post. Later,
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