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For me, I think gods are i everyone heart, just for you to find it out. Gods can't control everyone in 1 time, but just from his teaching and adivise, also sacrifises.
There must be God because our world has a very specific and systematic order so it proof us there must be manage this system.If wanna give some examples cities are the best ı think . in cities there are hospitals school and lots of things that are useful for people;and we know that other people do it ,like mayors ,for us because they know what people need.If we look at our world there are millions of things that people use so we understand that there must be a thing that should know every people,city,thing and it must be GOD and Hz. Muhammed must be the last prophet
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The_StarI'd like to fill more information about Noah's Ark. The remainder of Noah's Ark was found at the bottom of Dark(Black) Ocean. Although it is still a guess. But it proves that Noah's Ark ever existed. Sorry I can't give you the website about the founding of Noah's Ark because the website that I know is in Indonesian, not English. I live in Indonesia and I know this from other forum. Sorry too about my English. I am a newbie. ^^

About Jesus, I only want to say that if we are believers of Jesus Christ, we can feel that the presence of Jesus is very real. We feel peace and joy. Many miracles have been done by Him too. All of these can prove that He is Alive. By the Way, Faith is believe what we don't see.

I supposse that if i believe in Santa Claus I will also feel his presence, despite the fact is only a mith invented for the amusement of children. Same thing can be said about The boogeyman, or Harry potter. You can believe in a number of things that make you happy, but after analyzing carefully the Bible and all the stories told in it, the whole business of Jesus being the son of God seems very flimsy to be believed.
Daedalus7I supposse that if i believe in Santa Claus I will also feel his presence

Santa Clause came from a guy way back when, his name was Saint Nicholas. He did something good to some homeless person or w/e and he became famous for that. But he is dead now and was not resurected like Jesus, and Jesus was resurected for only one reason. Santa Clause gave people presents. But Jesus gave us salvation, gave us lives. See the difference?
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I don't think he was at all confused about who the two "people" were, Anon. I believe he was saying that if you can believe in one myth, you can believe in another.
I believe in Jesus existence because science has proved that. But I really can't believe in God existence. How can one be sure that the whole thing isn't in the head? Bible says that God has created the man, I think we have created him.
Dillleilomo2005there're lots of protestant and christian in the world,most of them just keep on saying that god really exist~~and they all ever experience the miracle that god give them.

what view do u guys hold on this??

talk about it freely^^

An interesting conception of the religion and God is given in a movie which you can find [url=http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/ZeitgeistSpiritTimesRealityIllusion/zlrhv/Post.htm ]here[/url]. It's in the film part 1. In fact, I'm pretty agree with that because lots of indirect facts may lead you to that conclusion.
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thank you for expressing yourself so frankly and respectfully. However, I don't agree with you in that religious people will eventually become a minority and then disappear. you limited religion only to Christianity as you spoke of baptism, I'd like to tell you that there are religions, which are growing very fast like Islam and Christianity ( that I know of).

about miseries in the world, that doesn't proove that there's no god either.

Actually I'm a believer, I believe in God and Jesus as his prophet and massenger and not his son (Islamic version) and when I think that these three religions Jewdaism, Christianity, and Islam have the same basic principles, I become more certain that there is God; I mean why not Budism, Islam and Hinduism or Christianity, Jewdaism, and Budism; these characters (Jesus, Moses, Noah...) appear only in these three religions.

that's my opinion after all, and I hope I made myself clear.Emotion: smile