there're lots of protestant and christian in the world,most of them just keep on saying that god really exist~~and they all ever experience the miracle that god give them.

what view do u guys hold on this??

talk about it freely^^
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Do you mean that Jesus is a God, or you're questioning wheather God and Jesus really exist? It's 2 different things.

Though I am not a Christian, I believe that Jesus was a real character chosen by God to guide his people. However, he was a human, not the son of God, or anything like that. This is actually what Muslims believe, though I think it doesn't matter. The important thing is that all the devine religions have the same message and the same purpose, and in God's eyes, there is no difference between a Christan, a Muslim, a Jew, .., as long as they are true believers, not that they think that they are right. If they get the essence of their religions, they'll respect each other instead of killing, hurting,...

Your question was about if God exists, and I gave you a more detailed answer of how I think; sorry for that, go on.
Certainly Jesus did exist. History records this. Was he divine? A billion Christians believe this. Can I prove he is divine? You either believe it or you do not. I do. Others may feel they can help.
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I don't believe you can really know the answer. My answer depends on the view. The only proof you have of their existence is the Bible. Certainly there is no other proof, and most of the things in the Bible can not be proven.

No, I don't clearly believe in the bible. Although I believe the Bible is a great thing. Not only is it a great story and artifact, It has saved many lives. To me the Bible was made up so people would follow rules.

Now just because I don't believe in all that is stated in the bible, doesn't mean I do not have morals.

Sorry, I sort of got off subject, but it all goes along with existence.

Christ is also mentioned, 33 times, in the Koran, both with his Arab name “Issa” and with his compound name “Jesus, son of Mary” as well as with his title of Messiah.

In 93AD, Roman historian
Flavius Josephus in his 'History of the Jews', also documents the existence of Jesus.

Other Roman historians documenting Jesus include;

Julius Africanus

There is probably even more documentation, so you see his existence was/is not confined to the Bible.
I'd like to talk about the existence of Jesus, which I believe he really existed, but I prefer to search for the facts first, so that I can provide you a better answer.

However, I wanna mention something about the uncertainty of some of the events mentioned in the Bible, that look like rather than fables or legends. I think Noah's Ark sounds more like children story than a history, but I recently watched a documentary in which scientists were in search of the truth. The researchers showed that there was really a massive rain, that actually was caused by eruption of the huge underground water storage out of a growing crack in the Atlantic ocean, as I remember. And that eruption caused the continents to move and forced the earth crust to shape the mountain ranges. They found some pre-flood tools belonging to that civilization as far as in America. And by the use of computers, they explained the existence of the rainbow mentioned in the Bible which was seen by Noah the day after they landed. I believe the story, but it is up to you whether to believe it or not.
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yes im 100% sure that jesus is a name of real person he really exist.i can tell u ppl. with examples also.

but God and jesus are totally 2 differnt persons.
I'm sure Jesus was a real man as there is a huge amount of evidence for his existance, from non-worshippers as well as his worshippers.

God? Well, we'll all be sure one way or another once we die, won't we...
Yes I have no problem in believing that Jesus did exist. I dont really have a reason because this is something you have blind faith with.[A]
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