does it correct to say:i do know anything
if yes,why???
No, it is wrong.

I (do) know something is correct.

I don't know anything is correct.
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but it is not enough for me.dont satisfy me.i want a reason...
because i heared that it is correct if we want to emphasize the act of knowing...
so i want a reason....

thanks again.

Anything is used mainly in questions and negative sentences. But you can say

I know anything can happen.

Say anything you want.

Anything seems to introduce a higher degree of uncertainty in affirmative sentences.
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It's correct! But isn't often used, when you want to make an accent on smth you may use with do, in case if you want to point attention on smth, I do know means that you a definitely know this

Does it correct
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I think you mean Is it correct?