I used to think of myself as little boy with a huge love for living and i felt this love like an endless source of motives to be happy. Unfortunately I have lived some unpleasant situations that make me belive there is no love, it only was my imagination. You can see people cheating each other, hiding their feelings and trying to take advantage of other's weakness; that's how the world works, people say.
I wanna belive in love, but the reality say the opposite.
What do you think?
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You only need look at the grief and pain caused by the loss of loved ones in the Tsunami to know that love is alive and well in the world. Or do you think they were faking?

You've had a few bad experiences; it doesn't mean you can write love off altogether.
Hi, jsalruiz77! i think love exist in every human-being & the face of love depens on the relations between people.
besides, im sure that love exist, cause its my real name!

Have a nice day!Emotion: big smile
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I'm quite sure love does exist, but sometimes it is difficult to find it among people; I wonder why people keep love hiding! like if love were something bad or embarrasing.
Unfortunately, we show love as less as we can, maybe because we think about love as a weakness. I belive we can touch other lives by sharing love. There's nothing cheaper than a smile, a hug, or a word but there's nothing more invaluable at the same time.
Open arms!
I'm sure love does exist, too.
but let me tell you one thing, you may not know that.
plato in his book(celebration) has written that Love isn't beautiful because it needs sth else to fulfill itself. so How do you cope with it?
Do you think that it's true or not?
love needs what else to fulfill itself?? I didn't get that...
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Love is beyond any theory or scope because love doesn't follow any rule. You can't understand true love but you can feel it. There isn't more wonderful thing than feeling love; it's like a sunset: every time you fall in love is different and special. I disagree with any theory about love because I think the only way to learn something about love is when you feel it in your skin, in your heart and in your soul.
Have a nice day!
Love doesn't exist. It's just a mirage. That is what you see at the end of the journey.
Hehe.. actually a mirage is a false destination. You can see it, but you'll never get there.
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