hello .in the first i wanna say that i am very glad to joun to this family.

i am a student from arab world . in fact, i am planning to take toefl PBT . So i want you to help me to check this essay . i will be very greatful for you .

Do you agree or disagree with the fallowing statment:

"it responsibilty of the government to support the art"

Use specifiic resaons and examples to expain your respons .

As a student, I think that the arts activities like music and dance will be so interesting and enjoyable to do . But according to the position in our country, the government is unable to support the arts any more. Nevertheless, for any activities which are important to improve our country , the government has to be the first contribution to support them. Regardless to this situation, the government is in charge of supporting the arts .

For one thing , when the government starts supporting the arts, this field will be encouraged ,too, by different sides such as establishments and business men . For instance , before few years, the education college has been canceled in our city for no reason . no one denies that or even says something about that . this is because the government has a powerful .So when it does something like closing the education collage, this thing is ignored by all the people around and vice versa is true . thus, the government should encourage the arts so that all the people will help to support the arts as well as the government .

Another key point is that the government involves in developing the country in different fields included the arts . In fact , the arts are related directly to economy of the country . So the government always does every things to develop the economy and make it stronger and better . Therefore, when the arts are supported, means the economy will be better because the arts ,such as music, dance and theater, are enjoyable and interesting for tourists to watch and listen .

In summary , the government is the responsible of supporting the arts . So, the economy will develop and improve . Moreover , this field will be supported and encouraged by different communities as a result of the government support for the arts .

thank u again for your help .
You need to come up with reasons to support your position. Why should the government support the arts?