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would you please tell me whether the following paragraph is a good one in terms of unity and coherence? Does it develop the topic sentence and the controlling idea properly ?

Thank you in advance..

""Studying English/Arabic Translation in X University is highly interesting. As the first semester begins, first-year students are supposed to handle two different languages in parallel so they can compare them on solid basis throughout the 4 years to come. Therefore, shedding light on the cultural joints of both languages is considered absolutely indispensable and starting the translation process without bearing this fact in mind is futile. Needless to say, constant reading and staying up-to-date with the world around us can grant students a great deal of intellectuality and self-confidence which makes translating various types of materials such a second nature to them. Moreover, after we become aware of the critical differences between Arabic and English language during 4 years of intensive study for lexicon, semantics, syntax, morphology, etc. one can make a good English or Arabic teacher for foreigners. The most interesting part of this major is that working as a freelancer is a tremendous potential even for fresh graduates.

Finally, I feel quite sure to say that a four-year study is by all means worth the ride of becoming a translator or interpreter for some well reputed company."""
Hi Utopia,

I can't deny that all the sentences that follow the opening sentence reflect on that opening sentence. All the follow-up is related to the initial premise and elborates on how studying in X university is interesting. The third sentence was a bit ackward in referring to "cultural joints" which likely referred to cultural aspects of both languages that were common. Keeping up with current events naturally will cause the skills to be contemporary when applied to both languages. However I was also confused about what a freelancer was. All in all it was coherent but most people I know don't talk so intellectually.

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