There are many men prefer their wives stupid or not much clever, and a few of them like her intelligent.

A: what do you think the reasons are?
B: what are the benefits he is seeking to get? Emotion: hmm
He needs a better control over his wife. That's the main reason.

The presence of those husbands in India are at an alarming rate. Thanks to the improving economy, the girls are getting good confidence that they can lead the life alone. This will surely change the old-custom.
You might find men that prefer 'stupid' wives just as much as some women prefer 'stupid' husbands.
I like how my wife is intelligent. It makes the conversations more interesting and "two heads are better than one" when it comes to many things.
Since my wife and I have our own business together, we can organise, plan and think twice as much as than if there were only one person. It's easier to find solutions and to get ahead.
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I guess it is rare to get those 'two intelligent heads, without selfish attitude'!
if the wife is not much clever, then she will not find out the secrets of her husband..Emotion: wink