Good morning.

When I want to show all my threads I just use this link:

And this is fine. However, when I want to use the forum's search engine to look for specific words in my posts, it finds few results. I checked it with many words, but it is best seen with 'Hello':

It gives just one result but I started many of my posts with this word.

Why doesn't it find more posts? Can I find them in some other way?

The answers on this forum are so amazing that I like to go through some of my older questions from time to time.
Using 'search' would be more helpful than trying to find something in my threads 'manually' Emotion: smile

The search function on EF has never been very good. We hope that one day it will be upgraded, but in the meantime many of the Mods use Google or Bing or other search engine to search the site, which usually works better.

The trick with regular search engines is to put in your search term, followed by +Reegis (if you want to search your own posts only) followed by (note that there are no spaces in

For example: "laid on the grass" +Reegis

For some reason, Google can't find it, but Bing and Duck Duck Go both found the post I was aiming for.

It is a pity the search engine on EF doesn't work properly Emotion: sad

Anyway, I tried out your advice and can confirm your results - Google failed but Bing found my posts containing a given phrase. Not ideal, but can be a workaround...

Thanks! And fingers crossed for a new search engine and the whole forum Emotion: smile

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The developers/engineers are working on a new site. If all goes well it will be rolled out some time next year.