I hear people using "Is that make scene" in conversations, but isn't it grammatically correct to say "Does it/that make sense" ?
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yes, "does" is grammatically correct.
thanks for your reply,

does "Is that make sense" actually exist? because I'm not sure if I heard it correctly...
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It's not correct."Is that making sense?", perhaps, but I prefer the simple present version.

Americans often do not enunciate every syllable. Many times it will be slurred or skipped altogether. What you may have heard, I suspect, could be someone saying <'s it make sense>, which is a lazy way of saying <does it make sense>. But American people get so used to speaking this way, a lot of people do get confused.

Another example is <could have> which is most of the time pronounced as <could've> or <coulda>. So instead of enunciating <I could have done it too> most people say <I coulda done it myself>. An unfortunate outcome here is that a lot of people when they write this phrase they write it like <I could of done it myself>. It's funny but sad.
u can use both...during conversation,,,,,,Who Cares,,its UK !! ;P
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you absolutely right. "Does it/that make sense" is correct
Does it make sense to use "is that make sense"? No to me.
Grammatically "Does it/that make sense" is a correct statement.
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