For the following, which one is correct usage of an apostrophe to express what we are saying? This is a non-profit member based organization (CraftNet) and the organizations tag line. (Kind of like Coke: The Real Thing.)

(a) CraftNet: The Graphic Professionals' Resource Network

(b) CraftNet: The Graphic Professional's Resource Network

Reading through the other posts it seems that the first one would be correct as I'm referring to a network of many professional people. However, the network exists to serve each person individually. This is where I am getting confused. Help and comments are appreciated.

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thanks for the reference, it does indeed help but confuses me some with the variables. Thank you.

Where is your confusion?

In response to which option is appropriate, I believe you can use whichever one you like best.

i) CraftNet: The Graphic Professionals' Resource Network

ii) CraftNet: The Graphic Professional's Resource Network

That one is the possessive of the plural "professionals".

If it were my choice, I would simply have

iii) CraftNet: The Graphic Professionals Resource Network

Quoting from Mister Micawber's post (presently last post in the thread)...Name of the Association

Unfortunately, one rule does not govern in all cases when it comes to deciding when to treat a noun as merely attributive and when to make it possessive. The Chicago Manual of Style (15th ed.) admits that “the line between a possessive or genitive form and a noun used attributively—as an adjective—is sometimes fuzzy, especially in the plural.” This style manual suggests that writers omit the apostrophe “in proper names (often corporate names) or where there is clearly no possessive meaning” (p. 284):

Publishers Weekly
Diners Club
Department of Veterans Affairs

If we have not addressed your question, please rephrase your question and let us try again.

You did indeed answer my question. The confusion would be on my end as there are now multiple options for me to choose. The discussion of our group has now moved toward dropping the apostrophe based on the reference you supplied. Thank you!
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