There is a list of file names that are handled specially by a software. At least, this is how the documentation put it:

"Alist of elements (REGEXP . HANDLER) for file names handled specially."

I need to set the list mentioned above to a value of "nil" which basically means the list is unset (doesn't contain any file name). Does the following log message sound natural in English?

Unset the list of file names handled specially, or maybe

Set the list of file names handled specially to a value of nil ?

I would be grateful for any suggestion.

Zoltán KirályUnset the list of file names handled specially, or maybe


Delete / Remove all names from the list.
Set the count of items in the list to zero.
Clear the list of all elements.

It depends on how the software defines the list structure. If it is a class, there should be methods to add an item, delete an item, delete all items, locate an item, sort the list, get next item, get first item, etc. Here is an example of the methods for an unordered list in C++.