Add consult-notes, a package for searching through notes.


I have a package installed in a text editor which allows me to search notes. It's an extension for the text editing software. The package is called "consult-notes."

When I launch this feature a window pops up and I see a list of files. As I type, the list of files get filtered down. Each file stores a note.


I want to answer, but what you have is not standard English. It's computer programmer jargon, which differs depending on many things—the OS, the API, the programming language, etc. That said, I'll take a stab at it.

"Package" is pretty vague, and it is a specific name in some contexts. You explain that it is an extension, so why not call it that? I'm inclined to capitalize "Consult-notes". "Searching through" seems like it would be better as "searching for". So

"Add Consult-notes, an extension for searching for notes."