Hi all,

a stupid sounded question again, but this helps me to understand English so.. please!!

My question is, does this make sense as a copy?

"Help You Hit the Top 25"

I'm a freelance translator and one of the iPhone apps I translated just hit the number 1 (No.1!!!) so if I put the sentence at the end of my emails, with my signature, does it make sense?

What does the sentence make you imagine generally?

Thanks for your opinion in advance,

To me, it sounds awkward without the subject. It doesn't work for me.

It sounds like an imperative statement.

Help [yourself] hit the top 25!

We help you hit the top 25!

[This] helps you hit the top 25!

(But these all lack style.)

Hit the top 25! (ie, do it!)
I seeeeee.

Thank you for your advice.