These project raise awareness- in the artistic, original way- of the growing enviromental problems (e. g. shrinking water resources) that concern each of us. This article is submitted due to the Earth day.

If you are concerned about formal essay-style writing, try to avoid using dashes or parentheses. And using both in a single sentence is especially poor. In addition, spell out 'for example' instead of writing e.g.

In an artistic and original way, these projects raise awareness, of the growing environmental problems such as shrinking water resources that concern us all. This article is submitted because it is Earth Day.


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Does this sentence sound good?

Hi Clive! Thank you so much for your response and correction. I have a question related with the last sentence. How does this sentence should like if I think of the future date. For example, editors want submission related with the annual event. That's why I wrote: This article of this proposal of article is related with / due to the Earth Day on April 22. I will be very grateful for your help!

eg This article is proposed because Earth Day is coming on April 22nd.

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Or I guess, it might be: "this article is proposed for Earth Day that is on April 22nd". Thank you so much for your help Clive.

More natural is this,

This article is proposed for Earth Day, which is April 22nd.

Many thanks for your help!

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