Yoga is an ancient practice which involves physical and mental development and purification. It was arisen in , but now practically every country practises it. Of course, yoga has many advantages; otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many followers.

First of all, it helps to get a lithe body and an organism working like a dream. You reach it with the help of special exercises which pointed at each part of your body.

Besides, this kind of activity has a spiritual part. It may be the main one. A proper coach teaches you to get harmony and an order in your mind. That’s why people who do yoga are so patient and have forces to solve any problem. And, moreover, your brain work better.

Some people think that yoga is harmful for older persons because of loading to the organism and their inability to stretch in such a way. But they are wrong. Yoga, in the contrary, promotes to keep young and full of spice and vinegar.

On the other hand, many people insist that yoga is rather dangerous.

First of all, some persons try to do it without any help and even books and hurt themselves. They don’t understand seriousness and difficulties of asana

In addition, it’s possible to say that Europeans can’t understand this practice at all because of different views on life and perception it one-sidedly, only as fitness.

What is more, if yoga wasn’t so popular and promoted by celebrities maybe a lot of people would never try it or choose something else. So, yoga is a product of advertisement partly.

In conclusion I want to say, that yoga is a very profound practice which is accessible not for everybody. But if you are ready to learn something new about your soul and body and to try to get ancient wisdom it’s worth doing it.
I admire yoga so much , but unfortunately I don't know about its rules in detail

I wish to know all thing about yoga , and I really feel the need to relieve my brain and body

by practicing yoga

thanks for the information
Thank you, I`m glad to give you a little information.

To tell the truth, I don`t practice yoga, but I`m only studing. Please, tell what you`ve found in this activety.