When the asterisk refers to a word that appears at the end at the end of a sentence, what is the correct placement of the asterisk?

The company has a good reputation for its ***.
The company has a good reputation for its products.*

I would really appreciate your thoughts/opinions/correct information!!
It is quite simple. Everything contained in the sentence between the first letter and the period(full stop) is part of the sentence.

Therefore, if you wish cross reference to another area (which is what I assume you are doing), you have to think about what you are cross referencing. Is it the word or the sentence. If it is the word sat e.g. 'The cat *** on the mat' it is clear the word 'sat' is being referred to. If it is the sentence e.g. 'The cat sat on the mat'.* that is being referred to, then is it outside the sentence.

Hope this helps.
Blah blah.* refers to the whole sentence. It's an opinion only.
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You might like to know that the period should be placed within the quotation marks and single quotes are only used for a quote within a quote.