The international torch relay ahead of the Olympics in Beijing was dogged along the way by protesters supporting the Free Tibet Movement.

Does dog suggest hostility toward the torch carrier, therefore, trail is not a good substitute for it?

Thanks in advance!

The Longman Dictionary just says:
dog [verb] -- to follow close behind someone.
I think that "someone" usually has some sort of hostility.

The word "trial" wouldn't be substituted for "dog" because they don't mean the same.
The Longman Dictionary says:
trial [verb] -- to thoroughly test something to see if it works correctly or is effective

Thanks, Takoyaki. My dictionary agrees with yours on the definition of dog. However, I wanted to find out whether the word carries a sense of hostility that "Trail" does not. Note the spelling of Trail.
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"... I was dogged by a woman in a red sports car..."
The woman might've had more or less hostility towards the write of this article.

"On that tour Mr. Bush was dogged at the rallies by protesters calling attention to his refusal so far to debate."
The protesters would've expressed some hostility towards Mr. Bush.
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