In his role Bertolaso will have the authority to open new dump sites and landfills in the region to alleviate a problem that has dogged the city for years.

Here's another dog. This word, though the noun is simple, is really difficult to master when it's used as a verb.

What's the meaning, please?

dogged the city = troubled the city, plagued the city
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Though your definition is better, it's not in my dictionary.

1. To track or trail persistently: "A stranger then is still dogging us" Arthur Conan Doyle.

2. To hold or fasten with a mechanical device: "Watertight doors and hatches were dropped into place and dogged down to give the ship full watertight integrity"
I have always understood 'to be dogged by' as to be bothered by
Dogged down is a new one on me

New2grammarWhat's the meaning, please?
Stubbornly persevering; tenacious.

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