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Hey, don't do anything to the trees! Let them continue to live majestically!
and the flowers?
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Me too dogs. Especially the Siamese ones.
Good line pieter. Reminds me of a Proclaimer's song, Let's Get Married. He sings, "You can get a cat just as long as it barks".

I have 6 cats (all strays), each has a different personality, and love us to varying degrees. Had two dogs but one ran away, such loyalty to the family!
You mean Siemese cats? I used to have one that was incredibly intelligent. I used to throw him a cork and he would go and get it, just like a dog. I really loved his blue eyes.
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Pieter: hehe

Maj: Not independant, that's just a romantic way of saying "my cat doesn't actually give a $%£@ about me"

Yep, looks like it's mainly a dog vote here! I don't think it's a girl/boy thing though, I disagree with that.
What would you possibly know about romanticism? cold, cold, colder, hahaha.
Has anyone seen the movie 'Dogs and Cats'? It's about the secret cold war going on between cats and dogs. The dogs are the good guys, and Hollowood aint never dang well been wrong yo lah eh what! #@$%$#@*&%$#@
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The cats are the super super good guys in this freezingly hot war.
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