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WARNING; Cats that never deficate will, at some time, explode.
Every cat I know does do ur research before u critisize something....and Im sorry but my neighbors dog wont be my neighbors dog very much longer if it doesnt shut up all night long!!!!!!!!!!
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Actually..... every cat I know does that......and there is a stray cat outside my house right now who every time I put down a bowl of food, and then pet it, it will stop eating until I'm done petting it......and what do u mean cats are wild animals who DO NOT CHOOSE TO LIVE WITH YOU?? They are domesticated and enter your house in the same way dogs do. Either by paying for them from the vet, or picking them up by strays. And trust me my friend, I grew up with cats, and currently own 1 cat and 1 dog.... I like them both but...u r wrong. My cat shows more effection to my dog than my dog shows to my cat!! And to me as well!! If my house where freezing cold, with no food, and I left my door wide cat would stay. Dont get me wrong, I like all dogs and except for my neighbors dog....wont shut up all night long!!!!!!!!!


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I love cats because they are .....A)clean...2)independent........3)cheap to maintain.....4)very affectionate....5)they don't create a ruckus when they see a stranger passing by your house.....7)they are very gentle
good topic, I like dog too and cat look like a little evil.
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Mike in Japan WARNING; Cats that never deficate will, at some time, explode.

Starfishes never defecate, either, and they don't explode. Vomitting is an option.