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In the movie, the cats are the super-intelligent, taking-over-the-world animals, while the dogs just sit there looking cute, and doing stupid things. Cats rule.
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lol haha, not in real life, they don't. They are busy chasing non-existent mice.
Cats are more romantic than dogs. Just compare CATS tevens with Snoopy DOG.Emotion: smile
Pieter, do you know that singer converted to Islam and his name is Yusuf Islam nowadays?

But what is related to this thread is that to have dogs as pets is forbidden in Islam, they can have dogs as guardians but never inside the house or as pets. It's said that if a dog is /was in a house, angels will never enter in that house, and angels are very important thing in Islam, so, forbidden. It sounds so strange.
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It used to be like this not that long ago in Spain, too. I don't think it is a good idea to have a pet locked up all day in a flat, pets need their own spaces.
Aw I know hitchhiker personally and I pretty sure thare lurks tha heart of a romantic ARG *read the last last bit in a grog drinking salty sea dog voice. hehe lol (laugh out loud in case no-one knows the acronym)
I'd love to see Hitch's romantic side. hehe.
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Cats for me! I don't need an alarm clock any more. Mine wake me up at precisely 6:00am EVERY morning on the dot.

(Hitch - romantic side???? Why would you want to see that? YUK)
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