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I have two ideas of a TV commerical for Pedigree. We would film a dog ( a St. Bernard or a big terrier ) with its face on its two paws looking at the camera with an inperturturbable calmness and sadness. With this background, a voice, which is supposed to be the dog's, voice would say:" They say depression is a human disease. So probably I'm just anxious about my Pedigree." An in the next picture the master comes with the plate which makes the dog really, really happy.
An other one is this: The master walking towards the balcony in a flat situated on the fourth or fifth floor. When he gats to the balcony negligently puts the plate with the food on the edge of the balcony. The dog is running after the master, out to the balcony and jumps to get the plate. And uppps, out and down! The slogan coming next: " Pedigree. Something the dogs love more than their lives. " And because in this way it can be considered too morbid we vcould film the end with the same dog running after a cat down, in front of the block.
I hope we can film them this month.
During the middle ages in Japan it was illegal to injure or mistreat a dog.
The penalty you ask ... DEATH! This is true, I will research the name of the Emperor responsible.
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Pieter your poems are great but your ideas Emotion: tongue tied What is this pedigree thing you are going on about, why don't you write a beautiful poem instead?
That Emperor was actually a Shogun, and for those who may be interested his name was Tokugawa Tsnayoshi.
I am a Muslim and I have grown up with my parents telling me dogs are forbidden. Not to say they are bad or anything it's just that they are not allowed to be kept as pets inside the house. We still respect the fact that dogs are loving and caring animals but in our own way ,
have to keep our distance from them. Needless to say we still keep them as pets , though mainly for security reasons outside. I myself prefer cats. I hope this helps!
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Thanks for that. I didn't know that pets were forbidden in the houses in Muslim countries. Very interesting.
This sounds so confusing. What do you mean?
What is forbidden in Islam is to keep dogs as pets inside the house. It is ok to use them as guardians as long they don't enter into the houses. Other pets can be at home.

The reason is that Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, said that angels won't enter in a house if there are or there were dogs in it.

That is in a hadit. Hadits are sayings of the prophet transmitted by his companions or his wife Aixa. The sayings and the examples of the life of the prophet are the Sunna, the second religious source of Islam after the Quran, their holy book. Not all muslims follow the sunna, some follow Quran alone, but the majority does. So, no dogs at home.

I don't know what made Muhammad to say that, I was told that dogs are considered dirty animals and with some no good customs and for that his words but I am not sure. Maybe he was bitten. Or maybe he knew some illeness can be transmitted by dogs.

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then why it is said "a dogs life" means bad life?
my cousin has a dog which gets an emperors treatment! it sleeps only on the bed with AC on otherwise it cant sleep! but i love BOTH ! there was a kitten left by its mother cat infront of my door, i took care of it when it was in a bad condition then one day its mother came and took it back ... but even now that kitten (now grown up!) comes to meet me and meows as if talking to me!
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