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I can't tell you my cat's name as it is a rude word!

I now prefer cats as they are less of a bind - don't wreck the house if you leave them overnight etc. I do still love dogs though.
oO... You named your cat with a rude word? Emotion: stick out tongue

May you send me with a PM what was her name then? Emotion: big smile
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Nope you'll have to use your imagination. Actually it was two cats with inventive names. In my defence I got them when I was 18 and thought such names were funny. Bit less amusing when you are outside trying to call your cats when you are 30-odd!
Oh, come on Nona, I ask it as a Christmas present... Emotion: big smile
No sorry, but I will tell you another friend had a pair of dogs called Betty Swollocks and Mary Hinge. And I'm not explaining that little puzzle as to why they are rude; it'll give you something to occupy yourself with over Xmas.

Oh dear. That sounds SO wrong.
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I greatly disagree. Dogs beat Cats by so much. They accually love you unlike cats, for cats are very independent. But I must say, kittens are very small and cute.

- me
Nona The BritI can't tell you my cat's name as it is a rude word!

Let me guess. Is it a medium for frying food?
HitchhikerCats are wild animals, who do not choose to live with you.
Au contraire! Cats are the only wild animals that have chosen to live with man.
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Mmm... You have something there...
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