I vote dogs; they actually 'love' you more than food (most of the time). Some dogs won't eat if they miss their owner. Show me a cat that would do that.

Cats are wild animals, who do not choose to live with you. If they are in your house it's because:

a) You won't let them out
b) They want food and shelter.

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Definately dogs as well!
I don't think I could have a cat. A dog is much more a kind of friend, an animal that trusts you, respects you and also wants to be near you while a cat can often be a beast.
Cats are "single" animals, they have to be on their own most of the time, while dogs need someone they can stay with.
Another vote for the dogs. Could this be a masculine attribute? I had a cat most of my childhood but the dog was more fun.
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Dogs and dogs and dogs, and they are not only dogs, they are almost people, they can talk, smile, protect you , rebuke you if you don't go to bed early, and they can sing, I have proofs.
I prefer cats. They are more independent. I really get on well with cats that's why I am a bit frightened of dogs, I suppose, I sympathize with cats.
Dogs get my vote too.
Where I live there is an amazing amount of strays that treat my backyard as a moggie expressway. I have tried to solve this problem (they leave smelly little moggie calling cards all over my yard) but with only limited success. Vinegar and Cayenne pepper work fairly well as repellents, but short of explosives, does anyone know of other effective repellents? It's time to declare 'war lite' on the little blighters!
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lol I see what you mean.
Is it illegal to have gin traps/possum traps on your front lawn in Japan?Emotion: wink
Oops! Here come the animal rights brigade cursing me.
(I wouldn't really do it, it just makes me laugh to see people's reaction)
I bet you had a good laugh this morning, didn't you? Do you have the same feelings about trees, about flowers?
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