I need help writing a donation letter for my deceased son's memorial. Last year I sent out a letter to solicit donations for his memorial library. Now I'm a little stuck on what to write this year. HELP!

Sorry to learn of your loss.

You haven't given us much to work with. Can you tell us why you want further donations? What cause will it go for etc.

I strong suggest just writing down your thoughts, no matter how scattered at the present time, in the form of your proposed letter. Then we have something to work with and can help brainstorm with you. But at the present time, we are stuck.

I also encourage you to discuss this matter with your church (or whatever religeous organization you subscribe to) for their assistance. This bridge has likely been crossed many times before. You might also try searching the web. And if the money is going to a specific cause, talk to them as they might have some suggestions too. In other words, cast your net far and wide to pick up valuable ideas.

I hope this helps.