Hello fellow forum readers,
I have several language problems, or doubts if we were to look for a better word, and I would like to ask for a help.
I will post them in different topics, but right now I wonder about this one.

What's a difference between "don't agree" and "disagree"?
For example, in sentences like "I don't agree with you" vs "I disagree with you"? I can't grasp the difference, assuming there is one.

There is no real difference in meaning.
But to me, the word 'dsagree' is stronger, more emphatic.

A doubt suggests a situation where you have an answer but you are not 100% certain about it. Your post does not seem to show a doubt. It just asks a question.

Thanks Clive. I had the same impression, thanks for your thoughts! Do you think that disagree may just be a more formal word, e..g for writing purposes? After all, there must be some reason for making the word "disagree" in the first place. Or..?

Thanks for the additional information! I'm glad you read my description. Emotion: smile It related to all my posts or posts-to-be, but to be honest I wouldn't have stopped to think about it this way, if it hadn't been for your comment. I must rethink some of my generic introductory sentences Emotion: wink
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Here is a little background info on 'the prefix 'dis'.

Hey Clive,
I take it is somewhere on this website? I will have a look, thanks!


Sorry, here's the link.
http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=dis -

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Hey Clive, thanks for the link and sorry for the belated reply!