Hello, would you please tell me what does it mean when somebody saying 'don't be an ass' ? Thanks.
Don't behave in a stupid, annoying, ignorant, selfish, etc. manner - depending on what it is you are doing that makes the person think your behavior is bad.
Silly could be another meaning.

I would add that it is best used only among friends; you won't endear yourself to anyone by saying this. I would also add that the reference is to the animal rather than the part of the body, so it isn't as "naughty" as it might sound to some.
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Let me add this.

In Canada, I almost never hear the word 'ass' used in this way. To my ear, it sounds pretty old-fashioned.

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Not sure what part of Canada Clive is from...I live in Canada and I hear it everyday. Not sure if it is a popular term or just me! Emotion: smile
Are you sure you are not hearing the more vulgar version?

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could you tell me what it means by "don't be an ass"?

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could you tell me what it means by "don't be an ass"?

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