Anyone know "don't do me any favours?" meaning

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don't do me any favours = I don't want you to do me any favours.

You don't want that person to do anything for you unless you specifically ask for his/her help.
It means "treat me as anybody else".

This normally occurs when your have some connection(e.g. a powerful person in your company who is at the same time is your relative or your father's friend) in a particular situation. You say this to improve your self-esteem, but when it's a pity when nobody really cares to give you any favor.
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I disagree - its a phrase that insinuates that the person trying to help doesn't really want to help, like they're helping because they feel obliged or maybe even are doing it out of pity. Its fairly accusatory.
I totally agree. This is normally not said in a positive manner.
If something 'doesn't do you any favours', it means it makes you look bad (physically or socially), especially in a situation where you need to look as positive as possible, and cannot afford for anything bad to happen.

"It was already a bad job interview; and that spot on the end of my nose didn't do me any favours!"
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It implies to me that the favor
offered will not come to
fruition or there is an
unseen cost stipulation
or alterior motive it's never
positive and some people say it
to assert independence
It's calling that person selfish.

Means the favors are mere perception and not really favors in reality.

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