Don't forget the horns and the pitchfork = ?

Graner was also busted from a rank of specialist following his conviction, and is to be dishonorably discharged when he is released from prison. Leaving court on Tuesday, Graner handed out a written statement saying he found England's guilty plea "upsetting" but hopes it will bring her an easier sentence.

England, however, appeared resentful toward Graner. As the courtroom sketch artist, Pat Lopez, was drawing him, England leaned over to her and said, "Don't forget the horns and the pitchfork."
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Draw me as being very angry.

The devil is generally portrayed with horns and a pitchfork. England was suggesting that the artist portray Graner as a personification of the devil.
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Don't forget the horns and the pitchfork = I'm (extremely) angry! I warn you!

Hello Jobb

I'm sorry. I should have mistaken the sentence. Khoff is right. England said to Miss Pat Lopez "You should draw Garner as a devil [url=""]like this[/url]".

I think you've opened the thread at the same time when I opened it, so I didn't see your reply.

I clearly got it according to your explanation.

Paco, you are welcome.
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"Don't forget the horns and the pitchfork.", in the context actually means "Don't forget TO ADD the horns and the pitchfork" to the sketch of Graner (and portary him as a devil).
Yes, he is evil, not angry.

Nice photos, Paco.
Hello Mic

When I read Khoff's reply, I was a bit ashamed to know I had made a mistake. Now I understand horns and pitchforks are the symbol of devils in your culture. In our Japanese culture, horns are the symbol of demons, not devils. In old days Japanese believed they were half-divine and half-human and they would come before people as enraged punishers when people did something violating morality. This was the reason why I mistook . I think this question was a good example to let me how deeply I am obstructed by my culture in understanding English.

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