Hi! my name is option. I want to improve my english writing and communication skill but I dont know how to start. Especially in this englishforum. What should I do?.. When I go to chat room everybody using chating slang..so i dont know weather my spelling is correct. please help
You can add friends and they will usually chat with you through another method of messaging, like MSN chat or Skype. If you'd like, you can add me and I can help you out with whatever you need. Emotion: smile
Hey Option,

You can start from asking grammar questions if you have any, or you can posts in any of our discussion sections such as Topic of the Moment! , Cultural Anecdotes, Similarities and Differences , Book and Film Reviews and so on. Remember, practice makes perfect! You have to practise in order to improve your English. Emotion: wink
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Hey Option,

If you want to have some friendly chat with people who use English language properly, you can simply join Thechatpage

Bye, take care
thanks you so much for the advice...Emotion: smile
I think that English has four main basic cornerstones, which are Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing, But i would like to write them this way ( Listening and Speaking, Reading and Writing ).
I believe that practice is the key for acquiring knowledge and skills, no one would achieve a bit of a progress without practicing, especially when it comes to a foriegn language.
I believe that listening at the first stage of learning a foriegn language enriches our subconscious, with lots of information, or lets call them " data " , but it should be on regular bases. Gradually, listening while practicing will make a person aquire certain skills, and will break boundaries to speak, which will end up with good speaking levels.
The same applies for reading and writting, which goes parallel along the way of the learning process.
But after all, language is not only words scattered here and there up in the air, we need to take into consideration that these four basic processes have got to go parallel.

That's only my humble opinion ... Emotion: phew
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thanks YoungBuddy...the tips is very useful forme...hope to get more from you soon...cheers
hi i want to learn english how can i learn it?