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Thanks![K][K] Let's celebrate it!!:) And today..I sat Geography exam:P..!! Emotion: smileEmotion: smile One less!!!
[<:o)][<:o)][<:o)] And how was your Geography exam?
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Great, dear Mervé!:) I wrote more than ever!:P I'm soooo happy..anyway, how was your day?:) (this seems like msn:P ) [K]
OMG, I had been looking for this thread for ages! Emotion: stick out tongue Finally, I've found it..

Here is freezing.. "Global warming" should have been called as "Global cooling" Emotion: stick out tongue
Deniz!!:) I just got up from my nap..Emotion: stick out tongue (Well, a friend called to wake me up:P)
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PuccaI just got up from my nap.
Hey, finally something new! LOL

Was that new, YoHf?:)

(Another new thing..on Wednesday I'll go shopping to celebrate the end of my examsss!!:P)
Not really. Mine was irony. Emotion: big smile

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YoHfMine was irony. Emotion: big smile

I can't believe it!..Do you iron?!Emotion: surprise Emotion: smile
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