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Japanese food. Emotion: hmm

Japanese food in Japan is called food. You oviesly would eat Japanese food in a Japanese resteraunt.
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hmm..I meant what food!:) I know you ate Japanese food..sushi? (I don't know how it is spelled!Emotion: embarrassed)
You spellt sushi right. Emotion: smile I like sushi!
Thanks!:) It was..female intuition:P (I also like it!)
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I have no idea what I ate. Emotion: big smile

Mr. YoHf, I really envy your English:):P

...don't you know what you ate?!:D Who asked the dinner then?:P
Why why?! Emotion: sad Why I cannot write an essay properly? Emotion: crying

I have been stuck at the 3rd paragraph since two days..! I am trying but my mind is like empty Emotion: sad How is this gonna end? Due date is tomorrow! I have to write at least 4 pages, but it is not even 1 now... Emotion: crying
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You'd better hurry then, NSN. The sands of time - for you - are running fast!

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