Could you explain any difference in the meaning between "don't" and "won't" in the follwing sentence?

"I don't / won't mind if you come home late."

Your help will be appreciated.
I do not mind (now) if ...
I will not mind (in the future) if ...

The first has the sense of a generality. I do not mind on any occasion if you are late.
The second has the sense of a specific case. I will not mind if, on this occasion, you are late.

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Calif, Won't and Will not are the same.He doesn't fly to Rome. vs He won't fly to Rome. Vs He wouldn't fly to Rome. Please share the differences.
AnonymousHe doesn't fly to Rome.
Several meanings.

1. He never goes to Rome by plane.
2. He is not going to Rome by plane on this occasion.
AnonymousHe won't fly to Rome.
Several meanings.

1. He refuses to fly to Rome. (Maybe he doesn't like Rome. Maybe he is afraid to get on a plane.)
2. His plans are not to fly to Rome. He is not going to fly to Rome.
AnonymousHe wouldn't fly to Rome.
Several meanings.

1. The past of the previous example: He refused to fly to Rome.
2. Imagining that he might have the opportunity to fly to Rome some day, we imagine that he will not take that opportunity.
3. Knowing that he did not take a previous opportunity to fly to Rome, we say that he was not going to fly to Rome.
4. In the past, he was not in the habit of going to Rome by plane. (Maybe he went to some other place. Maybe he went to Rome by some other means.)

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what is the difference between I won't smoke and I don't smoke

or you won't eat rice and you don't eat rice?

anonymousI don't smoke

A fact about me that is true now.

anonymousI won't smoke

My intention for the future.

anonymousyou don't eat rice

A fact about you that is true now.

anonymousyou won't eat rice

Your intention for the future.