We have these terms in Japanese:
AISAIKA = literelly 'wife-loving husband'
KYOSAIKA = literally 'wife-fearing husband'
Are there similar English terms?
1-1. devoted husband
1-2. doting husband
1-3. any other?
2-1. henpecked husband
2-2. submissive husband
2-3. any other?
Thank you.
1 - loving husband, good husband

2 - under the thumb, she wears the trousers.
Thank you very much, Nona.
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There's an adjective for someone who is excessively fond of his wife: "uxorious".

(There are probably also terms for someone who is excessively fond of someone else's wife.)

Thank you MrP. What are the terms, if I may ask?
Well, the terms the husband uses are probably not repeatable here...
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Henpeck is another word for a very doting husbandEmotion: stick out tongue
Hello JJ

"To henpeck" is to nag and bully your husband. So he's unlikely to be "doting"!