is it possible to have 2 adjectives describing one another like this?

funny angry teacher

and does this rule NEVER CHANGE: adj preceding determinant: funny a teacher


The rule seldom changes, but you have it backward: 'determiner before adjective':

A funny teacher
This angry moderator
My happy wife

The order changes occasionally, as in some exclamations ('how funny a teacher he is!'), but the rule holds better than most English rules of grammar and structure.

Your two adjectives don't modify each other; they both modify 'teacher'-- or at least I presume that is the intention, and should be separated by a comma: 'a funny, angry teacher'.

If you want to modify an adjective (and words do not simultaneously describe each other) then you should use the adverb: 'a funnily angry teacher' (though I caution you that this particularly pairing is a little awkward sounding here, perhaps because it is difficult to see funniness in an angry teacher, especially when you are the student).

A strangely quiet night
A very unhappily married man

You can use as many adjectives as you like.
(EX) I don't like that short-tempered lecherous silly old guy.

In some idiomatic phrases you have to put an adjective before a/an.
(EX1) She is so pretty a girl (that every boy likes her).
(EX2) She is too bright a student to study with me.


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there are several errors in your sentences. more than one adjective in succession requires a comma. and the boy likes, not like. i don't use capitalization. ever.

Can you give me some examples of words that simultaneously describe each other?

Thank you.
hi can you use double adjectives in the beggining of a sentence. If so can you give some examples please
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Rich, beautiful women are popular.

Warm, sunny days are nice.

Frogs have long and sticky tongues

Yes you can

for example:

One beautiful,hot summers day...

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