Hello. The other day, when I said "a double-edged eyelid", one of my friends said that it should be "a double eyelid". He insisted that "a double eyelid" is commonly used. Which is better? Thanks a million.
It seems that both phrases are used.
What is it?
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European (and others) style eyelid with a crease in the middle, as opposed to some Asian/oriental eyelids with no crease. So it looks as though you've got two levels to your eyelid. It seems that it's a popular form of plastic surgery to have the crease put in. See this pic - same person before and after.
Thanks, Nona! I never would have guessed!
(You learn something new every day.)

a double-fold eyelid ?
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Thank you all! "a double-fold eyelid" may be the best. See you!